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Wieland Electric’s RST Micro promises minimum size, maximum flexibility

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Wieland Electric has introduced the RST Micro, a compact waterproof connector with a diameter of less than 15mm that meets the highest design and flexibility criteria. 

The plug is in high demand anywhere technology is getting smaller and smaller, necessitating smaller and smaller electrical connections

The 2 to 3 pole connector with a diameter of less than 15mm is designed specifically for connecting voltage or current sources to LED modules. Additionally, it is well-suited for use in an industrial setting. Network applications are also no difficulty due to the rated values. 

Four mechanically separated and colour-coded connectors allow the safe separation of various applications. Particularly small and unobtrusive, simple to work without any disruptive locking geometries, strain-resistant, and sealed to IP66, 68 & 69, the RST Micro is a connector that is unique on the market due to its compact design and functionality.

The latest addition to the modular RST system are the new distribution blocks for the RST Micro. Available in 1 in / 2 out and 1 in / 3 out for 2 & 3 pole. New manufacturing technologies have made it possible to reduce the size to a minimum. The distributors are available for all common codings and the internal wiring offers a serial or a parallel option. The addition of the distributors rounds off the system to a large extent, as the distributors occupy a central position in the electrical infrastructure of the RST system. Thus, they serve both for energy and signal distribution.

As with the bigger members of the RST product family, the RST Micro connector enables very simple, quick, and safe installation. The continuous pluggable RST system – from the distributor to the electrical device – is composed of factory-assembled and tested components with the same design quality assured at all times. This simplifies the calculation of project and process flows. When compared to conventional installation, assembly times can be decreased by up to 70%. Costs are decreased by 30% in total. Additionally, the adaptable plug-in system aids with conversions and extensions, as installation is quick and simple. Defective devices are quickly replaced.

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