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BP Pulse to roll-out ultra-fast electric vehicle charging hubs across the UK

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BP Pulse Charging Hub

BP Pulse will soon roll-out a series of ultra-fast electric vehicle charging hubs across the UK, similar to the concept pioneered by Electric Forecourt

The new charging hubs are being developed in partnership with the EV Network and should significantly increase the number of rapid chargers available to drivers in the UK. 

Like Electric Forecourt, BP Pulse is targeting high traffic locations, such as alongside the UK’s motorway network, for its electric vehicle charging hubs. It has yet to reveal the location of its first hub, however. 

That first hub is expected to open later in 2021, with BP Pulse calling it an ‘EV charging and convenience hub’. That’s because the hubs won’t just offer rapid charging stations for drivers, but also come with a range of food and drink offerings, as well as other facilities. 

Matteo de Renzi, CEO of BP Pulse, commented, “We are building a charging network that will give consumers the confidence to make the switch to EVs, knowing they can get the charge they need in the right places. We’re taking another step forward in our commitment to make ultra-fast charging widely accessible across the UK, including in easy reach of the motorway network. These new hubs will complement BP Pulse’s existing plans to expand the number of ultra-fast chargers on BP’s forecourts and it’s exciting to be launching this new additional option for drivers.”

Reza Shaybani, co-founder and CEO of the EV Network added, “This groundbreaking agreement with BP Pulse has got 2021 off to a racing start. As the largest public charge point operator in the market, BP Pulse is a perfect partner for EVN to deliver critically required EV charging infrastructure nationwide. Together we will be fuelling growth in a vital part of the UK’s green economy, making a reliable national network of EV charging stations a reality for the fast growing number of Electric Vehicle drivers.”

BP Pulse’s growing network

The new charging hubs will complement BP Pulse’s growing network of EV chargers, with the company aiming to double the size of its homegrown network in the UK to 16,000 charging points by 2030. The total amount of charging points available on the BP Pulse network is expected to grow 30-fold by that same date. 

BP Pulse is already undergoing significant change, with it having recently undergone a rebranding to unify all of BP’s EV charging businesses under one name. Previously drivers had to contend with both BP Chargemaster and Polar. 

By launching a new charging hub network, BP Pulse should significantly increase the number of rapid chargers along the UK’s major arterial routes. Especially when paired with other ventures, such as the Electric Forecourt. That should help the UK get ready for the electric vehicle onslaught that will come in the next few years as we gear up for a ban on petrol and diesel vehicles in 2030

Electrification is at the heart of bp’s convenience and mobility strategy with the company aiming to double the size of the bp pulse network in the UK to 16,000 charge points by 2030, with a particular emphasis on ultra-fast chargers. The total amount of charging on the bp pulse network is set to grow 30-fold by 2030.

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