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London school set to make £7,700 in annual savings thanks to LED lighting install

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Osmani Primary School in East London is set to realise a £7,700 saving on its annual energy bill thanks to making the switch to LED lighting.

The new lighting system was provided by Energys Group at a cost of £35,000, meaning the return on investment is just four years. However, like many schools, Osmani Primary School didn’t have £35,000 to spare to spend on the installation of LED lighting. Thankfully, the school was able to apply for money under the London Borough of Tower Hamlets’ Carbon Offset Fund. 

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets supports schools in the borough to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon emissions through its Carbon Offset Fund. This funding source provides the upfront capital for LED replacement projects, thereby allowing the school to repay the cost through the energy savings realised during the payback period.

The team at Osmani Primary worked with Tower Hamlets Energy Managers to develop their case for financial support from the borough’s Carbon Offset Fund for their proposed LED Lighting upgrade. The process requires each school to obtain three quotes from potential providers and Energys Group was one of the three invited to submit a proposal. 

What Energys Group did for Osmani Primary

The installation of LED lighting is one of the simplest upgrades that any building can make when it comes to cutting energy costs. That’s because lighting makes up a significant portion of an electricity bill, with some estimating it represents as much as 60% of the bill.

Not only is LED lighting a simple upgrade, it’s also a quick one. Energys Group proposed the installation of a standard LED lighting upgrade across the entire school, including outdoor lights and upgrades to LED of all existing lighting and standalone units. 

The list of installed lighting types included IP Rated LED Batten Fixtures, LED Panels, LED Wall lights, LED Downlight, Outdoor IP65 LED Wall light, Flood lights and Emergency Lighting. Despite the scale of the work, Energys Group completed the majority of the installation work within a week, with it mostly completed during the October 2019 half term. 

Raj Gunasekaran, business development manager at Energys Group, commented, “We are delighted to install our energy efficient, modern LED technology at Osmani Primary School. We know that our LED lighting will not only help the school to reduce energy costs, it has positive impacts on student wellbeing and learning outcomes too by reducing eyestrain and improving alertness and cognition.”

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