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Hager debuts new loyalty programme for electricians to earn rewards

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Hager has announced a brand-new loyalty programme that will reward electricians who purchase the brand’s products. 

Dubbed HagerGang, the loyalty programme is named after the company’s social media community that has seen much success since its launch. The firm now wants to give back to that community by rewarding them directly for purchasing products. 

For every pound spent on a Hager product, electricians can earn one HagerGang reward point. Those HagerGang reward points can be converted into a range of items, starting with a simple Hager coffee mug and topping out at an iconic Hager blue screwdriver set. 

Many of the rewards on offer definitely count more as Hager swag than useful items, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some gems. The aforementioned screwdriver set is definitely of use, as are the folding trolley and Profi gloves. However, the teddy bear and baseball hat options may not help an electrician with their day job. 

Of course, actually getting the useful items will require a lot of reward points. At 2,500 HagerGang points, it would require electricians to spend £2,500 on Hager gear just to unlock the screwdriver set. Thankfully, there are other ways to earn points. Hager will be running a series of competitions on its social media channel, including ‘Install of the Month’; winners of these competitions will be awarded HagerGang reward points. 

Ian Smith, marketing and support services manager at Hager, commented, “We appreciate that times have been tough for electricians recently and we are very appreciative of the continued loyalty many have shown to Hager.  To recognise all electricians that continue to use our products, we wanted to give something back and HagerGang rewards is our way of doing so. 

“Every Hager product purchase made generates points that can be redeemed quickly and easily online. Signing up is easy, so contractors can start earning points straight away to get their hands on some of the great rewards we have on offer.”

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