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Tesla could soon bundle solar, energy storage and EV charging products

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Tesla is said to be planning a bundle for its solar, energy storage and EV charging products, which could save homeowners cash, while boosting the number of installations of Tesla products. 

The all-in-one home energy package was revealed in a survey sent to potential customers in Germany. It was noticed by PV Magazine, which noted that it was all to do with Tesla’s ambitions of becoming a ‘power provider’ in markets across Europe. 

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of Tesla’s ambition to become a power provider, with the firm having already received Ofgem approval in the UK. However, the firm appears to want to utilise its position as a power provider to offer homeowners the ability to get an all-in-one package that includes Tesla’s solar panels, a Tesla Powerwall energy storage system and a Tesla EV charger. 

Additionally, the company asks “Suppose your car is charged every morning to meet your daily needs. Under what conditions would you allow Tesla to control the charging time of your car so that it is charged for your daily needs and to offer you a cheaper electricity tariff?” Options include: “If there is a clear financial advantage for me,” “If there are other advantages such as free or cheaper charging at home or on public charging stations,” and “If it helps to increase the share of renewable energies in the energy mix.”

This could be Tesla hoping to leverage a big benefit of electric vehicles, which is their ability to balance the grid. While Tesla hasn’t yet officially offered Vehicle to Grid charging, the firm has already quietly updated the Model 3 and Model Y vehicles to support bidirectional charging – so it’s a feature the firm could certainly leverage in the future.

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