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Scotland’s largest EV charging hub opens for business

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The largest EV charging hub in Scotland has officially opened at the Falkirk Stadium, with enough capacity to charge 26 vehicles. 

Operated by ChargePlace Scotland, the charging hub features five rapid 50 kW DC charge points, as well as eight fast 22 kW chargers, all of which can charge two vehicles simultaneously. The ChargePlace Scotland network is a publicly-owned network run by the Scottish Department for Transport and offers more than 1,000 charging points across the country. 

The EV charging hub concept is one that has become popular in recent years, with sites popping up in Banbury and Milton Keynes offering multiple rapid charging spots that act like petrol stations. Typically these charging hubs offer the capacity for multiple EVs to charge at the same time, as well as facilities for EV owners to use while their cars are charging. 

Unfortunately, the Falkirk Stadium EV charging hub doesn’t have much in the way of facilities. Sure, there’s a stadium right next to it, but that stadium doesn’t offer 24/7 access, nor is it open at all right now due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Despite the disappointing lack of facilities, the Falkirk Stadium EV charging hub should be a beacon of hope for those wanting to get into the EV charger installation game. These sort of sites will continue to pop up around the UK and will likely result in significant growth for any company installing rapid chargers. Some firms will also offer maintenance contracts to ensure the EV chargers are always available for public use. 

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