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Top ten UK locations for tradespeople revealed

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New research from Sanctuary Bathrooms has revealed the best locations in the UK for those working in the trade industry.

The new ranking analysed the average wages of electricians, as well as plumbers, joiners, and painter decorators, alongside cost of living data, university Building course ratings and the percentage of workforce in trades for each city. 

The data revealed that the best opportunities for tradespeople are concentrated in the North of England, with seven of the top ten cities located above the Watford Gap.

The top 10 cities are:

  1. Liverpool
  2. Newcastle
  3. Glasgow
  4. London
  5. Birmingham
  6. Leeds
  7. Nottingham
  8. Cardiff
  9. Manchester 
  10. Bristol


The rankings also revealed that Leeds has the highest concentration of tradespeople in the workforce, making up 10.3% of the city’s working population.

As for the best paid? The top spot goes to Glasgow, with electricians reportedly earning an average annual wage of £28,683 (how very specific).

James Roberts, director of Sanctuary Bathrooms, commented on the findings, “As a company with our roots tied into the trade sector, both through our employees and our clients, we wanted to look where to find the best opportunities for tradespeople in the UK.”

“The results are a useful resource for those wanting to embark on a career as a tradesperson, and also highlight important hubs for related businesses to expand into.”

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