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Living in fear

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Recently, assistant chief fire and rescue officer Alan Walmsley was quoted saying “25% of accidental fires were caused by electrical equipment and supply”. He advised not to overload sockets and not to leave dishwashers and washing machines running overnight or unattended.

Commenting on this Brendan Beaver of Metrel, provider of electrical test solutions said “This is good advice; sockets should never be over loaded. However not leaving appliances working overnight is totally impractical.”

”Many consumers electrical supply contract give cheaper rates at night, so it is much more economical for them to use appliances that have motors and heat water then.”

“What we must do is encourage appliance testing services for the wider public.”

He continued “This does furnish a perfect business opportunity for electricians, fire alarm and safety experts to advertise their reassurance services to the members of public afraid of fire.”

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