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44% increase in the UK lighting market between 2013 and 2017

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The overall lighting market in the UK was estimated to be worth £2.4bn in 2017, having increased by 44% since 2013.

The key driver for the lighting market is LED lighting which has gained a significant share in the non domestic sector and also started to make inroads into the domestic market. 

LED technology is likely to promote a period of innovation and expansion particularly in terms of more integrated products, control and lighting solutions.

Forecasts are for growth but at a lower rate than in the period 2014 as the uptake of LED’s has increased.

Retro fitting of efficient lamp products has been crucial to growth rates within the market, and the lamps market has recorded the highest level of growth in recent years.

It is expected to continue to outperform the market, due to the introduction of a wide range of replacement, higher value LED and low energy halogen products although as the prices of these products fall considerably and penetration increases, this sector is expected to slow.

Luminaires dominate the UK lighting market, accounting for 57% share in 2017, although their overall share of the market is gradually declining in response to the high growth of other sectors. The luminaires market is more reliant on the levels of new build and refurbishment activity, particularly in the non domestic sector. Strong luminaire market growth has been underpinned by investment in street lighting, rising levels of house completions as well as improvements in construction output for both the domestic and non domestic sectors.

Controls also remain an important sector with high levels of growth and potential for this to continue. This reflects a sustained focus placed on efficiency and cost savings with organisations recognising the need to reduce unnecessary lighting provision.

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