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More safety – without more cost

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Wylex is about to be first to market with a range of 30mA Miniature RCBOs that are safer, and quicker to install and test – all at no extra cost.

Just one module wide, they give installers almost 30% more working space inside the consumer unit. All of the circuits in a residential installation can be individually protected and still fit in a consumer unit that’s just 292mm by 255mm. The range includes ratings from 6A to 40A.

It’s the first single module consumer unit RCBO that switches both live and neutral conductors. This totally isolates faulty circuits, making for a safer user environment while waiting for the fault to be rectified.

Testing is easier too. There’s no need to disconnect the circuit cables, so it takes only one second to get a circuit ready for test, saving time and money, especially for social landlords who regularly test installations.

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