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Day: January 24, 2018

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Rittal Hygienic Design Fire Extinguisher Enclosure

Rittal has been developing its Hygienic Design range over many years. Its customers have benefitted from better protection of their electrical and electronic equipment, as well as less time spent washing down, and cleaner manufacturing environments.

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Leviton completes integration of Brand-Rex

Leviton has its Brand-Rex subsidiary will change its name to Leviton. A manufacturer of network cable infrastructure for Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Brand-Rex has been a part of the Leviton Network Solutions division since it was acquired in 2015.  With

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The inclusivity campaign launch: the round up

22 January 2018 saw the long-awaited inclusivity campaign launched at Manor Grove, in Handsworth, Birmingham, as a direct response to addressing the UK’s engineering skills gap. Hosted by the Made in Group, a manufacturing and engineering membership body, the event brought together

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Tips for choosing a 3D vision system

With four times as many as colour receptors as humans, the Mantis shrimp has the most impressive eyes in nature.  Manufacturers have long relied on human vision for complex picking and assembly processes, but 3D vision systems are beginning to replicate the

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More safety – without more cost

Wylex is about to be first to market with a range of 30mA Miniature RCBOs that are safer, and quicker to install and test – all at no extra cost.

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