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Roxtec seals and software ensure accuracy and safety for gas analyser houses

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Safety seal manufacturer Roxtec is one of the world’s leading names in industrial safety.

Its’ meticulous manufacturing and testing means its electrical cable sealing products have become an industry standard – helping companies protect people, buildings and assets.

Roxtec recently worked on a project for Thyson Technology, in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. Thyson is a specialist analytical instrumentation engineering business providing complex analyser systems for process industries. Roxtec worked on analyser houses which monitor gas quality and pipelines.

Graham O’Hare, Roxtec UK managing director, said: “Gas analyser houses are used in onshore oil and gas production, petrochemical sites, electricity supply sites and by utility companies. The highest standards of safety are required.

“Gas analyser houses check gas quality and the integrity of pipelines, where corrosion and blockages can cause leaks. Monitoring can provide early warnings.”

Being explosion-proof and fire-proof, Roxtec products were used to seal a variety of power and instrumentation cables passing through internal and external walls.

A range of Roxtec seals, frames and accessories are available for single and multi-cable installation, known as transit. Thyson typically has 15 cables in each transit.

Roxtec seals enable a number of cables to pass through single entry-points in walls and partitions, maximising space and efficiency. Mr O’Hare emphasised this ease of engineering was a prime benefit with Roxtec. Companies can cut expensive engineering time with quicker installation and, critically, easier maintenance.

“Roxtec is a progressive company,” he said. “We help make engineers’ jobs easier while also cutting customers’ costs. Making sealing systems simple to maintain and update is essential to this.

“Key to engineering system efficiency is how the Roxtec design allows for spare capacity. This means we can seal the transit at the manufacturing stage, then if upgrades or additional cables are needed in future it can be opened, new cables of any size can be added and resealed without affecting certification.

”Roxtec’s new Transit Designer computer software also played a fundamental role in the Thyson project.

The easy-to-use software can plan unique transit solutions and offers a range of services to designers across many industries – whether planning ships, data centres, power stations or industrial buildings.

It produces detailed designs, showing how and where cabling will be located, after analysing safety requirements and adapting these for the specific structure being designed. Finally it produces drawings indicating the best design.

Mr O’Hare added: “This unique software system should be a ‘must have’ for every electrical designer in Britain.

”Thyson is upgrading 28 gas analyser systems for National Grid.Glen Lancaster, Thyson sales manager, said: “As a manufacturer of high-quality engineering products, we needed every component to be of high calibre. The Roxtec cable sealing systems are a safe, certified and reliable solution.

”Roxtec was founded in Sweden in 1990. Today it is the global leader in the manufacture of cable and pipe transit systems, serving many of the world’s biggest firms.

With global sales in over 70 countries worldwide its core sectors include marine, oil and gas, telecoms, construction, power generation, distribution and transmission, rail, motors, generators and process industries.

To learn more about Roxtec benefits email: or telephone 0161 761 5280.

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