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Release your energy savings potential with Powerstar

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Powerstar, the market leading voltage optimisation system that has been successfully installed in thousands of premises across the UK, can now be purchased with no up-front costs, thanks to the launch of two new leasing packages

The leasing packages will provide a simple straightforward alternative for companies in the UK looking to purchase Powerstar voltage optimisation products – Powerstar, Powerstar MAX and Powerstar HV MAX. 

There are two types of lease schemes available, an operating lease and a finance lease.

An operating lease is available over a five year fixed period with significantly lower monthly payments and no up front cost. At the end of the term, there will be a 20% residual balance, at this point the customer has the option of either purchasing the product at the residual value, returning the unit or re-financing the outstanding balance.

Finance leases are different to operating leases in that the term of the lease is flexible and at the end of the term the customer takes ownership of the unit. Like the operating leases, payments are monthly and there is no up front payment required. 

Powerstar voltage optimisation systems, have been designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK for over 13 years and are the only systems in the world to be granted a patent on their design. Powerstar, which boasts 100% reliability and no recorded failures, offers businesses a secure, proven and reliable solution. Powerstar solutions also come with guaranteed financial savings and a 15 year warranty.

T:+ 44 (0) 1142 576200 

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