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Total safety for PV solar systems

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Mersen, a global expert in electrical safety systems, has developed the HelioProtection range of dedicated products for the PV market, with an innovative safety solution for residential, commercial and industrial PV solar installations called Greeneye – Greenbrain.

This PV safety system has an individual, remotely controlled shutdown feature per PV module, safeguarding against potential electrocution hazards. If there is a need for urgent shutdown, the Greeneye – Greenbrain system immediately brings the output current and voltage of the individual PV modules to zero.

The PV installation therefore becomes fully disconnected and safe for maintenance or construction work, or even in the case of fire, avoiding any risk of electrocution for personnel or firefighters.

Greeneye – Greenbrain is a cost effective, fully  plug & play system. It requires no specific wiring, since the shutdown command is transmitted by broadband over the PV array’s DC wiring for enhanced safety. 

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