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Small connector with maximum IP protection

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Wieland Electric has expanded its successful RST round plug connector system with the addition of RST MINI, the smallest connector on the market. 

It is a 5 pole system consisting of connectors for on-site installation, appliance connectors for integration into housings, re-wireable components and pre-formed cables ready for connection. The RST MINI system has a high IP rating of up to IP69 and has also been designed for use with 3 and 4 pole electric supplies. 

The RST MINI system utilises the new Twistlock technology whereby connectors interlock automatically on connection. Unlocking follows the ‘bayonet’ principle through a slight rotation of the locking ring. In the optional ‘safelock’ position, the connection can only be opened using a screwdriver which eliminates the possibility of unintentional disconnection.

Wieland Electric 

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