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Help the grass to grow

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The ‘SeeGrow’ – ‘Advanced Pitchcare System’ has been further developed in conjunction with CambridgeHOK specifically to encourage the rapid growth of grass for football stadiums whilst also helping to develop a healthy root system.

Before making the final selection of which enclosure to choose to house the sensitive control equipment, CambridgeHOK had many considerations to take into account. Not least that the control panel will be situated in an extremely warm and humid environment; sometimes through 24/7 periods of operation.

In conjunction with Fibox and their specialist distributor, AA Jones, the Electrical Design Engineers employed by Cambridge HOK chose the PCQ range of.

Key advantages of the Fibox PCQ range of enclosures are:

Polycarbonate enclosures resist corrosion, ultra-violet rays and are non-conductive

Wide selection of enclosure sizes, availability and cost makes it the ideal choice for any project


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