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Gamatronic – the up and coming company in the the UK UPS market

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Interview with Gamatronic UK’S general manager Meir Malinsky

Meir, Who is Gamatronic, please give us a little bit of feedback about the company: 

Gamatronic is a worldwide manufacturer of Power Equipment: UPS, AC-DC  Power Systems,  DC-AC Inverter systems as well as customised UPS for markets like data centres, marine, oil and gas and others. All Gamatronic products are researched, developed, engineered and manufactured in house by Gamatronic.  Gamatronic operates globally in over 80 countries but with a very locally oriented philosophy. Gamatronic UK – owned 100% by Gamatronic International – also follows this orientation to specialise in local needs. It was founded in 2001, meaning we have had a presence in the UK market for over 12 years now. Since I took the helm 2 years ago a lot of changes have taken place in the company regarding product, pricing and technical support. For the better of course.

You are known on the market more for modular UPS manufacture? Is this true ?


Yes and no … Gamatronic was indeed a pioneer in modular UPS technology, starting to sell modular UPSs on the market already in 2003 , which was in the very beginning…  But this is far from the only style of products we provide to the market. We also have an extensive range of so called conventional/stand-alone products. For example: We are since more than 10 years one of the main UPS suppliers for Irish Rail, we supply for more than 10 years special offshore application UPSs for the UK branch of a very famous international American company (unfortunately I cannot mention any names because of editor’s rights… ) and many more examples of UK and international projects can be found on our website.  And now Gamatronic is strengthening its portfolio in the stand-alone market with the launch of a brand new UPS, called ‘Centric. But this wouldn’t be Gamatronic if the UPS was based just on standalone technology, it is stand-alone plus!

What do you mean by ‘plus’?

The Centric’s double conversion topology provides high quality power regulation, and ac-ac efficiency of up to 96%. The Centric’s battery is true on-line as per IEC 62040, guaranteeing instant availability of backup power in the event of a mains failure. It is a transformerless system, with a dramatically low electromagnetic radiation profile and provides high power relative to its small footprint.

The Centric has unity power factor and is offered from 50KVA=50kW up to 200KVA= 200kW. Units can be paralleled up to 800 KVA/KW, with internal parallel KIT built in as standard.

The Centric combines the price and looks of a stand-alone but carries some of the best, proven and most reliable elements of modular technology inside as well making this UPS not only much more reliable, but also much easier to service!

Ok, so this product is new, when will we see it on the market?

Gamatronic is going to present the Centric on its booth at Data Centre World Expo (26-27 February 2014 – booth B30). We invite everybody to join us and see the unit in operation

You say Gamatronic UK is a manufacturer. Does that mean that you only provide products? What about maintenance, side products or turn key solutions that include everything like PDU’s, cooling and more?

Yes, of course, we provide much more than just the products! Today you have to come with a turnkey solution and Gamatronic UK provides a vast array of tailored solutions. We provide maintenance services which are a significant part of Gamatronic’s offering and this service is offered not only for Gamatronic UPSs. As I said earlier, we position ourselves as offering the highest standards possible in terms of products, support and additional services while staying very competitive on prices

You mentioned prices… how competitive are you?

Well, when you manufacture high quality equipment, competitive prices are not easy to achieve. But we have a deliberate strategy to increase our presence on the market, so we have to be one of the best on prices. So the aim is to combine both high quality and low prices, and I believe we achieve this.

So I will see Gamatronic and the famous new Centric in February at the Data Centre World Expo


Gamatronic UK

+44 (0)1480 479889

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