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There is now increased pressure on businesses to improve energy efficiency, to reduce carbon footprint and most importantly to lower operational costs.

Why not let us help you to achieve that by installing a Slaters Super Lo:Loss transformer?

Modifying your sites MV supply infrastructure is a guaranteed way to reduce your power consumption and therefore your energy and operational costs If your incoming site voltage is high and your transformers are a standard loss type, replacing these with modern energy efficient equivalents will lower output voltage to the most efficient level and reduce wasted energy created by the losses of the transformer in the process.

Key features and benefits of the Slaters Super Lo:Loss include:

  • Significant potential savings by MV Voltage Management

Further potential reduction of energy consumption by up to 15% can be achieved with the extended tapping range.

  • Carbon conscious … Inside and out

As well as lowering your CO2 production by around 18 tons per annum; our Super Lo:Loss transformers are also available with biodegradable Midel fluid thus lowering further the carbon footprint and environment impact of the unit.

  • Reduced downtime for installation

Our Super Lo:Loss unit has been designed to a similar footprint as existing transformers, resulting in lower installation costs, reduced site downtime and minimal changeover disruption.

Super Lo:Loss Case Study

UK Beverage Manufacturer:

Slaters worked with the UK’s leading cider and beer business to help improve the running costs of one of their sites in North Yorkshire. The site is situated very close to an incoming HV feeder which feeds the site directly from the utility. Due to the site’s production capacity they also are a large industrial user of power with a distribution network of standard loss transformers spread across the site.


One of the transformers onsite was replaced with a Slaters Super Lo:Loss transformer complete with our extra tapping capability, this allowed the incoming voltage to be reduced from 250v to 228v. This reduction in voltage and the improved losses of the transformer has resulted in an 11% saving in energy costs allowing the extra investment on the Super Lo:Loss to be paid back in only 8 months. This has resulted in a total of six transformers being replaced with super low loss equivalents with two more in the pipeline. It is anticipated that the payback on all these transformers will be made in approximately 2.2 years.

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