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Primary Test Manager (PTM) software How software-based testing should work for you

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PTM provides exceptional guidance for a wide range of diagnostic tests on power transformers, current transformers and circuit breakers. It is the interface software that drives OMICRON’s CPC100 + CP TD1, a multifunctional test system with which an extensive range of field diagnostic tests may be performed.

PTM automates the creation of customised, guided test plans by offering the following:

• Dynamic connection diagrams based on user identification and matching of vector diagrams

• Guided test procedures

• Graphical and tabular data representation

• Data management

• Import of Doble data

• Custom reporting

• and more…

Thus, the user achieves a high level of security in carrying out tests as well as in assessing the results.

Omicron’s CPC 100 + CP TD1 is a multifunctional test system which performs all of the traditional tests such as power factor, exciting current, leakage reactance, and DC winding resistance but also performs these advanced transformer diagnostics:

• Variable frequency power factor (15 Hz to 400 Hz)

• Frequency response of stray losses

• Dynamic winding resistance (slope & ripple)
The combination of PTM and CPC 100 + CP TD1meets national and international standards, such as IEEE 62 (C57.152) or IEC 60076-1 and -3, and exceeds all measurement and accuracy requirements.
With customers in more than 140 countries, the Omicron CPC 100 + CP TD1 and PTM are quickly being adopted as the new standard in transformer diagnostics.

Tel: 01785 251000


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