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Launch of the Riello UPS Power Centre

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Europe’s leading manufacturer of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Riello UPS has launched its own demonstration and training suite to showcase its extensive range of products.

The Power Centre, which opened its doors at the firm’s head office this month, will be used to show existing and potential customers a selection of live UPS systems, demonstration units and monitoring packages.

It also serves as a training facility for clients, sales teams and service engineers, providing critical education or refresher courses for each of the technologies available.


Why UPS?

Continuous business operation is universally vital, with even short power failures potentially resulting in income loss and severe disruption. A suspension in operations, even for a few minutes, can have a devastating effect on companies, especially those using the internet as their main interface. A UPS system can also be used to provide sufficient time to activate stand-by generators if required.

UPS can also offer protection against damage to machines and computers. Power interruptions can shut down computers, resulting in corrupted files and data. Creating enough back-up time to properly shut down systems can make an enormous difference in the battle to avoid catastrophic damage.

Take a visit to Riello UPS…

Riello’s Power Centre, in Wrexham, North Wales, includes all of the technology you need for UPS protection. From smaller online, dual format UPS systems, battery packs and switchgear for smaller networks to larger UPS systems, we can find the right option for you.

General manager of Riello UPS, Robin Koffler said: “Following feedback from our customers who wanted to see our products out of the box and in use, we launched the Power Centre. As a manufacturer, it’s important we show our customers the trust we have in our UPS products which is why we have live products in the centre that protect our own IT systems.”

The right UPS solution

The centre showcases industry-leading products including:

100kVA Master VDC-XE Flywheel UPS System

Providing 144 seconds of mechanical battery power, and an additional 10-minute battery pack. The flywheel is smart grid ready and provides the Master UPS with standby power if the mains power supply fails.

MultiGuard 60kVA Modular UPS System

The Multi Guard modular UPS is a scalable, three/ three phase with double-conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply. Its power capacity ranges from 15kVA to 120kVA, delivering the best combination of reliability, functionality and hot-swap flexibility.

100kVA Elcos Generator

Providing standby power to essential loads such as the UPS system and non-essential loads including lighting, security systems and electrical door access. The Elcos Generator is Smart Grid ready and could be connected to the National Grid for a demand response program.

Making Riello UPS work for YOU

Robin continued: “We want to make UPS work for the organisations in which they are deployed and as simple to manage as possible, ensuring the ultimate protection of that all-important data. It’s for this reason that the Power Centre also features the TeleNetCom system, a web-based remote monitoring portal providing clients with a site and system specific dashboard, ‘live’ status information and alarm monitoring with dedicated response scripts.”

Contact Riello UPS today to book to view the centre or find out more about the award-winning product range from one of our experienced sales team on

0800 269 394,

email [email protected]

or visit



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