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Symphony Plus in tune with current and future power generation needs

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Symphony Plus, the latest generation in the Symphony family of distributed control systems, continues ABB’s tradition of delivering power generation software that helps drive plant productivity and energy-efficiency. It has been developed to enhance operational security and plant safety as well as lowering total cost of ownership.

The launch of Symphony Plus ushers in a new era of total plant automation that is simple, scalable, seamless and secure. It helps balance performance objectives like asset availability, operational reliability and production efficiency with business goals like asset life extension, carbon reduction and regulatory compliance – providing plant owners with an essential tool for achieving sustainable and profitable growth.

Total plant automation

Symphony Plus meets a broad spectrum of plant configurations and applications, especially in the power and water industries. It is flexible and scalable; designed to serve the needs of everything from small, serverless applications to large multi-system, multi-server architectures.

Symphony Plus supports the seamless integration of field devices, process and turbine automation systems, electrical and supervisory control and data acquisition (Scada) solutions, as well as business and maintenance systems. It provides users with a secure, reliable control environment and built-in security features that prevent unauthorised system access.

Since its introduction over 30 years ago, the Symphony family has gone through several evolutionary changes. Through ABB’s ‘evolution without obsolescence’ lifecycle policy, each generation of the family builds on and enhances its predecessors, while protecting the customer’s previous control system investments. There are now more than 6,000 Symphony systems installed worldwide, making it one of the widest deployed process automation systems in the world.

Symphony Plus provides users with a comprehensive view of the plant by integrating data from all plant areas and systems, including turbine control, electrical balance of plant and remote SCADA systems. Through its open architecture, Symphony Plus seamlessly consolidates and rationalises plant data to improve operator response to changing conditions, so improving plant safety and uptime.

Transforms data into actionable business decisions

Information is the key to successful business performance. In Symphony Plus Operations, historical, process and business data is collected from across the plant and stored securely. Transforming data into meaningful information, Symphony Plus Operations presents pertinent, easy-to-understand information in intuitive desktop displays to all levels of the organisation.

Unified engineering workbench

Short time to production is the measure of engineering efficiency, Symphony Plus Engineering provides a world-class integrated engineering environment, with the functionality required to engineer, configure, administrate, secure, commission and maintain any Symphony Plus component.

Single control and I/O platform

Symphony Plus provides total plant automation from a single control and I/O platform that encompasses dedicated interface modules and devices for all turbine types, OEMs and sizes, as well as an unparalleled selection of combustion instruments.

Electrical and device integration

Symphony Plus provides process and electrical control from a single platform. Using open standard protocols like IEC 61850 and Modbus TCP, Symphony Plus integrates electrical devices with process control and plant operations. It provides full integration of just about every type of device, and enables the monitoring and management of all plant assets at all levels of the plant.

System security

ABB understands the need to maintain a secure, reliable control environment while expending minimal time and effort. In addition to the many security features of Symphony Plus, ABB actively participates in several major control system security standards committees. The guidance provided by these committees is designed to increase the integrity and confidentiality of all system functions and help prevent unauthorised control system access.

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