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Experience colour in a whole new light

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GE Lighting has launched a new range of Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) Ultra White 70W lamps, representing a technological breakthrough in terms of performance, lumen output and reliability.

The lamps provide high colour rendering for a crisper, white colour perception making them an ideal solution for retail applications where colour perception is crucial to the success of the space.


Available in a G12 format, the new CMH Ultra White 70W lamps have been developed specifically for retail stores requiring the highest quality of light. GE Lighting’s CMH Ultra White 70W lamps offer a true representation of all colours in the spectrum to meet critical colour requirements and provide consistent colour uniformity.

Crucially, the CMH Ultra White 70W lamps provide these outstanding levels of colour perception – without detriment to other vital performance factors such as lumen output, colour rendering index and reliability.

GE Lighting
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