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Enhanced electrical safety at The Port of Liverpool

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Marechal DS2 decontactors have been fitted to quay-side cranes at the Port of Liverpool, to replace out-dated hard-wired, ground-box connections.

The decontactors allow the port to improve electrical safety whilst integrating control and power in the same connector, and minimising down-time and maintenance costs. With sealing to IP66/67, the decontactors provide a watertight and dust-tight connection, whilst the robust construction ensures an extended operational lifetime despite the heavy-duty operating environment and high levels of salt-water and spray.


The design of the DS2 decontactors includes safety features such as a quick-release button with an integral isolation switch, which makes it possible for the maintenance team to quickly and safely connect and disconnect power, even under load, and without the need for a qualified electrician.

Marechal Electric
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