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Hyundai global statistics and history

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Hyundai Heavy Industries spreads across 2,450 acres, with over 1,630 acres of production facilities. Since the successful construction of its first two 260,000 DWT supertankers in 1974, HHI has built and delivered almost every kind of ship to clients the world over. Backed by technology and experience acquired through shipbuilding as well as streamlined modern facilities and has diversified its business activities from shipbuilding into other heavy industrial fields. On this vast facility, HHI operates various business lines: shipbuilding, engine and machinery, offshore and engineering, industrial plant and engineering, electro electric systems, green energy, and construction equipment.


Hyundai Electrical Systems

Electro Electric Systems (EES), is an integral division of Hyundai Heavy Industries and has been designing, engineering and manufacturing electrical equipment for more than three decades in collaboration with world-renowned technical partners in the industry. The product lines of EES cover a wide range of electrical equipment, such as transformers, gas insulated switchgears (GIS), switchgears (panels), LV and MV circuit breakers and contactors, motors, generators, integrated control and monitoring systems, and power electronics.
Hyundai in the UK

We are an independent approved importer for Hyundai Heavy Industries and passionate about Hyundai and its products. Our objective is relatively straight forward and that is to introduce Hyundai circuit breakers (MCB, MCCB and ACBs) and distribution/panel boards into the UK Market.

Product performance

All circuit breakers comply too their relevant standards and consequently allow for naval, nuclear and seismic applications. Durability and MTBF figures for our ACB’s and MCCB’s figures match those of all competitors. Heat dissipation figures for Hyundai breakers demonstrate up to a 20% less heat dissipation on breakers, depending on rating. (All available on application)

How is the Hyundai brand perceived in the UK?

Generally in our industry the Hyundai brand is associated with a well-engineered large corporation, not specifically cars. People are surprised at the range and prices and our fears about other far eastern companies tarnishing the market with a reputation for cheap imitation or counterfeit products for new products has not been a barrier.

Market conditions

With the UK economy remaing extremely tight since 2008, the market is ready for a quality product, pitched at incredibly good value, allowing designers to apply ‘value engineering’, meaning costs can be designed out of projects.

Customer support

We have taken great care in designing and implementing the UK infrastructure and logistics to give customers, both the post and pre-sales service that they deserve. In addition to European stock, we have invested in a well-stocked warehouse ready and waiting for the expected demand.

Strategy for customer groups

We recognise each customer group requires a different strategic approach to introducing them to Hyundai circuit breakers. Each has different needs and expectations: –
Consultants – want circuit breakers that are reliable, well proven products, which can be specified will confidence and a high level of technical support.
Contractors – want a compliant offer. Offering the best value for money.

Panel Builders – want good quality products, which are easy to incorporate in their chosen metal work system, but if they can get better value, but without compromising quality, then great.
End users/OEM’s – want good value, quality and continuity from its supply chain.

The common dominator is customer focus and we cater for all in that department!

Case studies
We have engaged with many customers regarding the inclusion of Hyundai circuit breakers across many sectors in our industry.
-Major panel builders
-We have also had our circuit breakers approved by OEM’s for gen sets etc.

Tel: 0844 824 3443

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