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Teamwork for university and nuclear experts

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The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and the National Nuclear Laboratory have signed a collaborative agreement in the field of nuclear research and development.

They will work together on a range of business opportunities and research projects across a number of key areas including research, technology, knowledge sharing and the development of education, skills and training.

The two organisations will work together on the innovative development of techniques in decontamination and decommissioning, dose rates, radiological impact and environmental issues.

Students of UCLan will benefit from the expertise of NNL staff who will make contributions to the training of scientists and engineers through teaching material, guest lecturing and design projects.

The NNL is based at six locations in the UK, at Springfields near Preston, the Central Laboratory at Sellafield, Workington in Cumbria for non radioactive test rig work and other research facilities at Harwell in Oxfordshire, Stonehouse in Gloucestershire and Risley, Cheshire.

The collaboration will also include secondments or placements of personnel in each establishment, including visiting roles to gain maximum potential of the research, equipment, facilities and expertise in gaining funding from third parties.

It is also envisaged the agreement will help with recruitment into the NNL through sponsorship, careers advice and site visits.

Dr Graham Baldwin, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Skills and Employer Engagement) at UCLan, said: "This is great news for our students in science and engineering or those thinking of coming to UCLan.

"It adds another dimension to the university's capability. The strength of the collaboration is in the relative position of each organization as a leader in its field.

"We have already been liaising on a number of projects but this commitment to knowledge sharing and the development of new thinking can only help support what already exists."

Dr Peter Bleasdale, managing director of the National Nuclear Laboratory, said: "We've been working with UCLan for some time and this is a natural extension of that relationship.

"We believe in growing expertise and developing students and employees in a culture of learning combined with business disciplines. This is an exciting development and demonstrates our commitment to the development of these skills in our field."

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