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Power for mobile degasification units

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Scorpion Power Systems has provided six generators to electrical cable producer, Prysmian, for six new mobile high vacuum cable oil degasification plants, which are to be used to degasifiy cable electrical insulating oils.

Previously, Prysmian had used a power take-off system to provide electrical power to the degasifier and ancillary equipment in each of the vehicles.  However, with the vehicles needing replacement and conscious that the power take-off systems were very noisy, Prysmian decided to look at alternative means of powering the degasification plants and thereby reducing the amount of noise produced by the vehicles. The answer was a much quieter, stand-alone generator built into the back of the vehicle. 

Scorpion's engineers customised an existing 30kVA diesel generator by modifying the doors, and removing the bund. Each generator is fitted with a key start module and includes electrical protection against over-heating and low oil pressure. 

The high vacuum degasification vehicles will be used throughout the UK by Prysmian to provide quality oil for HV cabling systems. Each mobile unit uses the generator to power up the degasifier, which circulates and degasifies the oil therefore improving its residual gas pressure and reducing its moisture level to ensure that the cable oil has good gas absorption characteristics and dielectric properties. 

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