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Technology firm announces £5m digital development and supply order

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Sensor specialist DeepStream Technologies this week announced a £5m development and supply order and claimed it was close to making pronounced advances in digital circuit protection technology.

The latest deal, struck with a European electrical device manufacturer, is the company’s second. DeepStream announced it had won a first order worth £3.2m at the company’s launch in September 2004. The potential of the technology means DeepStream is bound by strict confidentiality clauses and cannot name its clients.

The chief executive, Mark Crosier, said: “The development of digital circuit protection is a fundamental industry-changing proposition, as the market moves ever closer to distributed electrical intelligence.

“Our work with digital circuit protection devices, together with this second order, means we are now on course to progress as planned and meet the industry’s growing need for digital sensor electronics.”

DeepStream’s 3D packaging will allow size reductions for all kinds of electrical devices, enabling manufacturers to follow in a similar fashion to the mobile phone industry’s miniaturisation of hand-held sets.

A digital processing device can process real-world measurement data with more accuracy and flexibility, providing prognostic and diagnostic capabilities. Internet or wireless technology can be used to transmit data or for applying feature upgrades.

DeepStream’s technique means it can design and volume manufacture bespoke components at low cost. It builds prototypes and will volume manufacture the finished products in-house. Sensors can be retro-fitted to existing product applications or fully integrated into new designs.

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