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Work underway on Devon’s first wind farm

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Work has started on the construction of three turbines on Devon's first wind farm near Bradworthy, which will produce power for up to 2,500 homes. Nearby residents have raised concerns about the turbines being an eyesore and the amount of noise they will generate.

However, Jamie Mathlin, electrical contracts manager with TJ Brent, the company installing the turbines, comments: “People obviously have issues with wind farms, but in general there's quite a wide acceptance of them because of the green power. For every one hour this site is running, we're saving three tonnes of carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere. We, as contractors, have worked closely with locals, and, generally, people have been extremely helpful and support levels very good.”

The German firm Energie Kontor, which is behind the scheme, says the turbines are of the latest design and noise will be below recommended levels. The turbines are expected to be generating electricity by 25 February.

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