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R&M installs Heathrow T5 variable lighting

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R & M Construction Services has installed high intensity variable lighting in the tunnel underneath the approach road leading to Heathrow's Terminal 5 building, and the prestigious “T5 Welcome Arch”.

Light sensors monitor outside light levels and allow lighting inside the tunnel to vary accordingly to prevent driver disorientation when entering and leaving. The system also incorporates emergency lighting.

Graham Tyler, commercial director of R & M Construction Services said: “Using Pirelli's Flexo Modular Power System made the installation process much easier than using a conventional hard wire system.

“Working to a critical timescale meant the pressure was on as the road had to be open and ready for traffic on a specific date. The whole system was pre-made by Pirelli and delivered complete on 16 cable drums. It was literally a case of just laying out the cable and plugging in the lights.

“Future maintenance of the tunnel will be very straightforward as lights that fail can simply be removed and replaced rather than the whole tunnel closing to traffic.”

Pirelli's Flexo Modular Power System is a prefabricated factory-tested cable harness. The plug and socket installation means no unsightly distribution boxes have to be mounted within the tunnel.

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