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Day: February 18, 2004

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Walking through fields

Doctors do not recognise electrical sensitivity as an illness, although sufferers in America say electromagnetic exposure -such as watching television, working on a computer or walking past a microwave cooker – leaves them nauseated, dizzy and disoriented. Arthur Firstenberg, a resident of

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R&M installs Heathrow T5 variable lighting

” class=”thumbnail” /> R & M Construction Services has installed high intensity variable lighting in the tunnel underneath the approach road leading to Heathrow's Terminal 5 building, and the prestigious “T5 Welcome Arch”. Light sensors monitor outside light levels and allow lighting

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Bradford Design Exchange revamps trunking

A range of steel perimeter trunking from Mita UK has been chosen for the secure containment and protection of mains The entrance of the former wool mill power cabling – together with voice and data wiring networks – in Bradford's Design Exchange.

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DCHP today’s hot topic

Representatives of manufacturers, end-users, trade associations, housing associations and government departments will convene in London for EPN’s second Domestic CHP conference on 8 June. Cogeneration – the production of usable heat and power from the same source – is established at the

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Gatwick upgrades cabling

The Civil Aviation Authority's Safety Regulation Group (SRG), needed to upgrade the cabling at its Gatwick base. Terry Taylor of the CAA (right) inspects the installation The building was originally flood-wired with Category 3 cabling, but when the first phase of the

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EEIBA reaches century

It's hard to imagine that way back in 1905 there was a thriving and rapidly growing electrical industry. Many people connected to the industry fell upon difficult times with poverty common, medicine in many cases not an exact science, no antibiotics and

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Fusion centre granted £48m

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council has awarded the fusion centre UKAEA Culham a grant of £48m, the council’s largest ever grant. The grant will fund the UK fusion research programme for four years from 1 April this year. The European

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Southern Electric under watchful eye

Energywatch says some of Southern Electric’s sales representatives are still using deceitful tactics to dupe people into changing their tariffs. The consumer watchdog issued a public warning about such activity last year but says complaints are still being received. When the representatives

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Shower danger warning

Corby-based shower manufacturer NewTeam has issued a product safety notice on all its BEAB-approved Showerforce 201 Power Showers following internal water leaks, which can cause overheating and charring of the internal microswitch. The products affected would have been purchased through B&Q, MFI,

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