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Tesla gives its solar panels a performance boost, price cut

Tesla has upped the power output on its solar panel product, promising 340W of power from a single panel as opposed to 315W. 

While a nearly 8% increase in power output isn’t all that exciting, the company has released the more powerful panels at a reduced price. That means Tesla’s new solar panels are not only more powerful than their predecessor but they’re also cheaper. 

Unfortunately, the new solar panels aren’t available to purchase in the UK, with Tesla only listing its solar roof product on its website – despite no installations of its solar roof having taken place in the UK as of yet. However, those in the states can take advantage of the more competitively priced Tesla solar panels. 

Those in California would have previously paid $19,500 for a 7.56kW solar system before incentives, or $14,430 after incentives. While now an 8.16 kW solar system will cost just $16,000 before incentives. That’s a nearly 20% saving for a more powerful system, and a 20% saving if you consider a per watt price of $2.58 vs $1.96.


Despite not yet having access to Tesla’s solar panel products, the UK is a key market for the company. It recently received approval to become an electricity utility in the UK market, while the firm is said to be scouting locations for a new plant based in the country.

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