• Newey & Eyre backs new wiring regs saying preparation is key

    Electrical wholesaler Newey & Eyre has pledged its full support to Amendment 3 of the wiring regulations while asserting that it is vital for installers to get up to speed now.

    The third amendment to the Wiring Regulations includes a number of new requirements, covering consumers units, wiring in escape routes and protective devices, all designed to optimise fire safety in the home. The industry consensus is that the vital changes will be life-saving.

  • Amendment to IET Wiring Regulations – are you compliant?

    As the latest amends to the IET Wiring Regulations come into effect, Steve Marr – an expert in power distribution at Legrand, has called on designers to make sure they are aware of the changes and to ensure they comply.

  • Counterfeit publications

    The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has urged all electrical professionals to ensure that they are using genuine copies of its current IET Wiring Regulations.

    The call comes as the IET has been made aware of a number of counterfeit copies of its publications for sale through various channels. It warns that following misinformation in these fake copies could be devastating for electrical professionals and the general public at large – with missing or corrupted information potentially leading to unsafe work being carried out which could result in fire, electric shock or even death in the most extreme cases.

  • Counterfeit publications

    I received an email this week from a reader commenting on a story we featured in our September issue - http://www.electricalreview.co.uk/news/10745-counterfeit-publications

    The reader, who did not wish to be named, wrote: "I could hardly believe my eyes when I read your warning of counterfeit wiring rules.
    The problem of course is the very high price the IET has placed upon the book knowing that they will sell many copies. Getting people to read it is perhaps another subject.
    I had a look on Google to see what price is now being asked and noticed the list of customers reviews. This one sums it up very well:

    'This is an absolute racket. An overpriced, modestly updated, language-mangling, revenue-generating, time-thief of a book that spawns an industry of courses, guides and guidance notes. The IET could literally send out a couple of photocopied pages detailing the actual changes, like they had to a few years ago when the regs were published with some hideously embarrassing mistakes. (Like forgetting what a ring was.) Still, I shall chuck more than a hundred quid at it to satisfy Napit, and it is a lovely shade of yellow. As a lovely design detail, all IET publications disintegrate after you've had the temerity to check a few things in there'

    Surely it is time these regulations were available on line and simple enough for the average electrician to understand. Perhaps the counterfeit edition is in simple English” the ER reader continued.

    I would be very interested to hear your views on the matter.

  • Spreading the word about electrical safety

    Napit’s business relationship director, Ian Halton, believes it is truly important local authorities and landlords to understand the realities of keeping their properties electrically safe.

    "The issue of electrical safety is high up on the government agenda currently, with consultations in both England and Wales looking into tightening the regulations which surround the inspection and testing of electrical installations in privately rented properties. 

  • Investors in People gold for wiring specialist

    Control instrumentation and electrical wiring specialists CMR Group has secured a second Investors in People Gold (IIP) for its ‘outstanding’ commitment to staff development and training.

    The award, achieved by only a handful of UK organisations and reflecting best practice, sees CMR UK accredited against the sixth generation Investors in People standard.

  • War of the worlds

    The biggest warship ever to be built in Britain - with more than 1,800 miles of cables - has set sail for the US to start trials with fighter jets landing for the first time.

    The newly-built Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier (QEC) will be tested by the four F35B Lightning jets off the east coast of America.

  • Celebrating a century of success

    MK Electric, a name synonymous with wiring devices, and with products in millions of buildings across the UK, domestic, commercial, industrial and beyond, is proud to celebrate its centenary year in 2019.

  • Key lockable switches and sockets from Scolmore 

    Scolmore supplies a range of key operated switches and sockets across its range of wiring accessories collections, to offer specifiers a varied choice when it comes to procuring products that have this required security feature.