• Empty threats

    David Manning, managing director at MIGSOLV, one of the UK’s most secure data centres, gives us an insight into how he ensures your data is kept safe from physical threats and fire.

  • UP(SOS)

    Alex Emms, operations director at Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd. explains the untapped potential of your UPS system, during mains presence, as well as in blackouts, and outlines the importance of selecting on-line systems.

  • What protects your fire protection?

    Matt De Frece, divisional director at Power Control discusses the role of the UPS system in ensuring your fire protection system is failsafe. 

  • Riello UPS reveals new Sentinel Tower range

    Riello UPS has introduced a new 5-10 kVA product range designed to protect critical telecoms and IT systems.

  • Super-efficient UPS in a low carbon world

    In an increasingly environmentally-aware age where efficiency is almost as important as availability, Chris Cutler of Riello UPS examines the consequences for the next generation of uninterruptible power supplies.

  • The critical condition of hospital power

    Andrew Keith, product development director at power resistor manufacturer Cressall Resistors, explains why load bank testing for hospital generators is a crucial industry requirement.

  • How much does UPS efficiency actually cost?

    David Bond, chairman at Centiel UK Ltd, highlights why buying cheaper will only cost you (and the environment) in the long-run. 

  •  (Always) Open for business

    With today’s demand for ‘always on’ digital services, how can operators ensure customers aren’t left disappointed? Marc Garner, vice president, Secure Power Division, Schneider Electric UK & Ireland, examines the methods deemed essential for dodging that dreaded downtime, as well as ways to increase energy efficiency and security.

  • Does your UPS have your back?

    Paul Brickman, sales and marketing director at Crestchic, explores the critical role of UPS testing and discusses why backup power alone just isn’t enough. 

  • Char.gy keeps electric vehicles moving with help from Cresthic 

    As part of its testing process, car charging expert Char.gy has utilised loadbanks from Crestchic to ensure the safety and integrity of its charging points.