• Changes to 18th Edition

    With the introduction of the 18th Edition the decision-making process for inclusion of overvoltage protection in electrical installations has changed. Here, Dave Enefer, devices product manager at Crabtree, looks at the latest requirements for overvoltage protection.

  • Schneider Electric releases 18th Edition compliant products

    Schneider Electric has released a new range of products to help installers comply with the changes brought about by the latest edition of the IET Wiring Regulations.

  • Many contractors lack confidence around 18th Edition changes, says study

    A new trade survey has revealed that nearly half of electrical contractors do not feel ‘fully confident’ in terms of understanding the 18th Edition changes.

  • Surging ahead

    The growing sophistication of today’s electronic equipment calls for more stringent safety measures. Helen Johnson, technical sales director, Surge Protection Devices Ltd, discusses the levels of lighting and surge protection required in order to meet the new British and European Standard, BS EN 62305. 

  • Eliminating the arc

    Jeson Pitt, marketing, D&F Liquidators, explores how to achieve arc extinction in circuit breakers.