• Fourth acquisition this year

    In June 2018, Boels Rental acquired the entire share capital of the Dutch company van Deuveren Traffic BV. 

    With this acquisition Boels is able to further expand its specialist business units. Van Deuveren specialises in the field of road traffic equipment related to message boards, which are mostly solar-powered. 

  • Cutting the cord on electric vehicles

    How your next electric vehicle could soon be made from flexible solar panels.

  • Solar salvation

    Photon Energy has installed ground breaking solar plus storage at Prologis Park Pineham, not only allowing the building to run on self-generated electricity, but potentially saving up to 54 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

  • The next generation in virtual power?

    Combining their peer-to-peer network technology and renewable energy products, Kyocera and LO3 Energy have come together to trial a virtual blockchain-managed power plant, in a bid to improve energy distribution.

  • University of Manchester scientists offer answer to solar cell defect

    A team of scientists at the University of Manchester is offering a solution to a key flaw in solar panels.

  • ECIC urges contractors to declare business diversification

    The ECIC is encouraging electrical contractors who are diversifying into renewable technology to make sure that their insurance reflects the new work they are undertaking, ensuring they are adequately protected if they need to make a claim. 

  • Tesla’s solar roof is finally cheaper and more efficient, well in the US at least

    Do you remember when Tesla first unveiled its solar roof product? It promised to cost around what you would expect to pay to replace a standard roof, and was heralded as super easy to install. Well, like most of what Elon Musk announces, the first generation of the product wasn’t exactly everything that we were expecting. Thankfully, the company is finally beginning to make good on its promises.

  • PV piffle 

    Time spent reading the Hansard reports of House of Lords’ Question Time is seldom wasted.