• Recolight supports government’s proposed 2017 UK lamp recycling target

    Defra has today proposed a 2017 lamp collection target for the UK of 6009 tonnes.  They have said they would particularly welcome evidence from stakeholders to support or indicate if an alternative target may be appropriate.

  • Presentation at Parliamentary Sustainability Group

    Recolight CEO, Nigel Harvey, has been invited to present at a meeting of the All Party Sustainable Resource Group.  The meeting takes place on 19 July at the House of Commons.  The discussions will feed into UK strategy on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).  There are already EPR systems in the UK covering WEEE, batteries, and packaging.  But government is now considering if, and how to set up systems for new product groups.

  • Report confirms large scale of WEEE non-compliance through online marketplaces

    EucoLight  has welcomed OECD report on ‘Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and the impact of online sales’, to which EucoLight members contributed. 

    Recognition of the online WEEE non-compliance challenge, (free-riding), faced by producer compliance schemes is a first step to addressing the problem. EucoLight endorses the recommendation to define multi seller online platforms as ‘producers’ of the products that they list from non-registered companies, and that transit through their fulfilment houses.

  • Resources and Waste Strategy release

    Non-compliant internet sellers will be liable for the WEEE compliance of products they sell online.  That is the position set out in the government’s Resources and Waste Strategy, released today.

  • Recolight: Are you disposing of your waste electricals responsibly?

    Incorrect disposal of hazardous waste could land contractors – and their customers – with prosecution, legal costs, reputational damage – and a fine.

  • Combating online non-compliance 

    Recolight welcomes new Defra proposals to tackle non-compliant product sold through online marketplaces.

  • Taking responsibility

    Recolight explains the WEEE regulations and how they affect contractors and their customers.

  • Recolight welcomes Defra's decision on waste electricals for retailers

    Recolight has responded to Defra's decision to require retailers to provide in-store WEEE takeback by the end of 2020.