• Start with the plug

    BEAMA is to support the launch of ReDESIGNING REGULATION - Powering from the future.

    Launched in Parliament on the 11 December this report helps to untangle the ‘spaghetti of regulation’ that currently exists for the energy sector and return the UK to the forefront of regulatory innovation.

  • Cream of the crop

    Signify has now made it easy for fruit and vegetable growers to switch to LED lighting, as a way to improve crop results and reduce energy costs.

  • Vickers endorses the Carbon Trust’s IEEA

    With Phase 2 of the Carbon Trust’s Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator (IEEA) now under way, Manchester’s leading supplier of energy management systems and lighting, Vickers, is strongly encouraging the partnership between developers of energy-efficient technologies and companies across industrial and manufacturing sectors in order to test their technologies on-site.

  • The next generation in virtual power?

    Combining their peer-to-peer network technology and renewable energy products, Kyocera and LO3 Energy have come together to trial a virtual blockchain-managed power plant, in a bid to improve energy distribution.

  • “The convolutions of a smooth-lipped shell”

    There has been great astonishment that one of the oil majors, Shell, has announced its intention to become the world’s biggest power company within 15 years. The multinational thinks electrification will grow rapidly, and is apparently eyeing double digit returns from “smart trading and the management of flexibility.”

  • Powering for the future

    There is now clear evidence that we cannot assume our energy sources can be forever guaranteed, says Mark Guest, Rittal’s product manager for IT Power Distribution.

  • Energy Star-Crossed Lovers

    Rightly, the European Union has long touted the effectiveness of its mandatory A to G energy labelling scheme for electronic equipment. It is already saving the average British household over £100 a year on electricity bills.

  • Changed priorities

    As incidents of meter cheating continue to rise, Lloyd Birkhead, group managing director at Grosvenor Services Group – part of Echo Managed Services – outlines the dangers and why it is essential energy companies do more to safeguard the public (and their wallets).

  • Energy tariffs differ across Scotland  

    The latest tariff data from Cornwall Insight – Pixie Energy’s parent company – reveals a considerable variation between energy tariffs in northern Scotland compared to that of southern Scotland.

  • Room for manoeuvre?

    Vincent de Rul, director of energy solutions at EDF Energy, explains why when it comes to our energy consumption, flexibility is the foundation of the future.

  • Irish stew

    The island of Ireland as a whole is heavily reliant on electricity from Great Britain. The Republic and the North have constituted one single energy market ever since the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. Effectively, a discrete energy island – save for just two underwater power links, both of which go to Great Britain. 

  • More than three million SMETS2 smart meters have been installed in the UK

    The UK Government has lofty ambitions for the rollout of smart meters, and the rollout has finally hit a significant milestone. The Data Communication Company has confirmed that the three millionth second-generation smart meter (SMETS2) has been connected to its network.