• Military deployment of generators following ‘no-deal' Brexit

    A ‘no-deal’ Brexit could result in serious issues in electricity supply to Northern Ireland.

    With a current shared market between Northern Ireland and the Republic, leaving the EU could essentially exclude Britain from Europe’s electricity market.

  • Up and up

    News this week has revealed energy regulator Ofgem has adjusted its safeguard tariff, controlling the maximum price of each unit of energy.

    In one of its twice yearly adjustments, the regulator says the increase is justified, with£47 a year due to higher wholesale energy costs on a variable tariff with safeguard tariff rising to £1,136 in October for pre-paid fuel.

  • Very un-smart meters

    Nobody now pretends that the long-standing Government target, to put 63 million smart meters, into every home and SME by this January, stands any chance of being met. What is most galling is the news that eight out of the 25 electricity vendors charged with delivering this scheme are still installing those seriously old-fashioned SMETS-1 meters.  

  • The (In) Famous Five

    Knowing how keen many are to switch electricity providers in order to pick up a marginally lower fuel bill, I have a sad warning for you. 

  • Electricity North West calls on MPs to back Local Electricity Bill

    Electricity North West, the DNO for much of the North West of England, is calling on MPs in the region to back the Local Electricity Bill, which the firm notes will transform the UK’s energy system and help lead towards net zero.