• Get the job you want

    If your career is at a turning point and you’re not sure where to turn then pick up the phone because the Electrical Industries Charity now offers career advice via its confidential helpline.

  • Where there’s a will there’s a way

    The Electrical Industries Charity is urging everyone in the industry to make a will to ensure your estate is shared amongst the important people in your life when you’re gone.

    Coming to the end of our days is something many people find difficult to talk about but if you want to protect the people you love then you need to make your wishes known – regardless of your circumstances.

  • Apply now for your marathon place

    The Electrical Industries Charity is delighted to announce it is now accepting application forms from people who want to run for the charity in the Virgin Money London Marathon 2016.

  • Enter the Powerlottery and support thousands

    Could you be a lucky winner? Join the Electrical Industries Charity’s Powerlottery and be in with a chance to win big while supporting people in the electrical industry.

  • The pathway to a brighter future with the Electrical Industries Charity

    The Electrical Industries Charity is creating a pathway to a better future for the Northcott family with their Pensioner Support Programme.

  • Apprentices report on Australian experiences

    Apprentices report on Australian experiences

    A report comparing the UK and Australian electrical contracting industries has been published by JIB Apprentice Exchange winners George Stickings and Josh Horton. 

    The two young men, who spent six weeks working in and around Brisbane, provided a detailed analysis on areas such as working practices, skills and competence, the role of apprentices and the industrial relations system.

  • Conquering one of the Seven Wonders of the World

    The Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) has announced a team of three trekkers are back from the biggest challenge of the year – the Great Wall of China 2018.

    In September, trekkers including Mark Doré of Edmundson Electrical, Monika Gaubyte of Keystone Communications and Jess Vailima of the Electrical Industries Charity (EIC), embarked on the 10-day journey to raise money for the Dickinson family.

  • Massive boost to charity fundraising

    The Electrical Industries Trading Company, in support of the Electrical Industries Charity (EIC), is thrilled to announce powerBall 2018 was a tremendous success and raised over £160,000. With dozens of companies and individuals donating £1,000 each in support of those who are suffering with mental health issues. Electrical Review editor, Elinore Mackay, was delighted to be able to support the charity on the evening.

  • Support elderly colleagues with the EIC’s PSP

    The Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) launched the Pensioner Support Programme (PSP) to provide a safety net to those who are faced with numerous hurdles and are in need of that little extra support during their retirement and is encouraging everyone within the industry to show their support too. 

  • EIC supports young talent through Apprentice Support Programme

    The Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) is encouraging the industry to show support for the charity's Apprentice Support Programme (ASP), designed to help young people reach their full potential in the electrical sector.

  • Charity support for mental health sufferers

    It is not always easy to spot if somebody is experiencing mental ill health, which can come in many different forms and in some cases are dismissed all too easily as something minor.

  • Much needed help

    In our sector, hundreds of individuals show a random act of kindness every single day to thousands of their colleagues in need and you too can be part of transforming someone’s life by signing up to the Electrical Industries Charity’s (EIC) powerLottery for as little as £1 per month

  • Rexel employees to take on Everest for EIC

    Two Rexel employees will be trekking to Everest base camp this year in a bid to raise thousands of pounds for the Electrical Industries Charity (EIC).

  • Research shows SMEs still affected by late payments

    Campaigning body SELECT has said the latest 'late payment' research findings by the Specialist Engineering Contractors (SEC) Group Scotland should be a wake-up call for the Scottish economy. 

  • Be part of the EIC's Practical Participation Programme

    The Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) is presenting the industry with the opportunity to help those in need by signing up to the Practical Participation Programme (PPP).

  • EIC’s Challenge for a Cause 2020 heads to Peru

    The Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) is offering the industry the chance to follow in the footsteps of a lost civilisation with its fifth Challenge for a Cause – Inca Trail 2020.

  • EIC offers addiction support

    The Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) is supporting people in the industry struggling with addiction with its Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), funded by the powerLottery.

  • How the Electrical Industries Charity’s powerLottery helped two year old Freddie after his cancer diagnosis

    Living with cancer is gruelling, whether you are the cancer sufferer or a relative, friend or colleague. Life with cancer can be even tougher when it is your two-year-old son who has been diagnosed with cancerous germ cell tumours. This was the case for the Smith family, who contacted the Electrical Industries Charity after Gareth Smith was advised by his employer, a small electrical contractor, to reach out to the charity for assistance when his son, Freddie, was diagnosed with germ cell tumours in September 2017. 

  • EIC supports those dealing with the loss of a loved one

    The Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) is offering support to those struggling to deal with the sudden loss of a loved one with its Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

  • Mental health: How can we do better as an industry?

    Even though most of us will struggle with mental health issues at some point in our lives, when it comes to getting the help we need, it can be difficult to know where to start. For thousands of people, this disparity is the difference between life and death, with suicide rates among men in particular the highest they’ve ever been. Here, the Electrical Industries Charity give us some invaluable tips on starting the conversation.