• Shifting gears

    Natalie Sauber, market intelligence lead at Arcadis, explores how autonomous and connected vehicles are driving a new generation of data centre requirements.

  • IT innovation: Paving the road to self-driving cars

    Jack Pouchet, vice president, Market Development, Vertiv and Jodie Bare, deputy program manager, Smart Columbus, explore why the change to transport as we know it may well be imminent. 

  • Contractors need to be cyber secure

    With cyber attacks becomingly more costly and targeted, complacency towards cyber security not only places contractors’ own systems at risk, but also that of suppliers and partners within their supply chain. Bryan Banbury, managing director of independent insurance broker Russell Scanlan, looks at how the lack of a robust cyber security strategy places contractors at risk of being excluded from supply chains.   

  • A resistor’s role in laying cables

    While we may associate data with being up in the clouds, it’s very much in the ocean too. Beneath our seas lie thousands of cables, tasked with carrying the world’s internet traffic. These cables form a vital communications network — and the world would seem like a much bigger place without them. What is less often considered is how these cables made it to the sea floor in the first place. Simone Bruckner, managing director at power resistor manufacturer, Cressall Resistors, explains the challenges of cable laying.  

  • Visibility is key to improved building energy performance, says Synapsys Solutions

    Building managers require simple visible access to their building’s data if we are to improve the energy performance of our buildings, Synapsys Solutions has said.