• Beama launches new Building Based Energy Storage Group

    Beama is launching a new membership group in January 2016 to complement its already well established work programme for manufacturers of connected homes and smart grid technologies. The Building Based Energy Storage Group is being launched to prepare the market for a future energy system that will be increasingly dominated by variable, low carbon energy sources (solar, wind and tidal) requiring a significant degree of energy supply flexibility.  Energy storage will become an important element of the energy infrastructure of the future, right down the energy supply chain, up to and including the building. This will take the shape of discrete and standalone storage technology or products with inherent storage potential e.g. heating and hot water storage and electric vehicles.

  • Beama responds to call for evidence for the development of a smart, flexible energy system

    Beama has pledged full support for the review of the market frameworks and associated policy for a smart flexible energy systems, stating that the consultation is a good step in the right direction to establishing a value proposition for all parties involved in delivering the market for flexibility, including the end consumer.

  • Setting a standard of service

    David Dossett, a board member for the charity, Electrical Safety First, has won the BSI Wolfe Barry Medal –  made by the British Standards Institute, the UK’s national standards body.

     The award recognises an outstanding contribution to developing standards which significantly benefit industry, the economy and/or the public good. Only one Wolfe Barry Medal is awarded each year, as it is considered the highest form of recognition for BSI standards-makers.

  • Start with the plug

    BEAMA is to support the launch of ReDESIGNING REGULATION - Powering from the future.

    Launched in Parliament on the 11 December this report helps to untangle the ‘spaghetti of regulation’ that currently exists for the energy sector and return the UK to the forefront of regulatory innovation.

  • Industry backs Committee on Climate Change 2050 target

    Beama, the UK trade association representing manufacturers of energy technologies, supports the Committee on Climate Change net zero target.  Given the odds we now face globally in exceeding the 1.5°C rise in temperature, this is the only way forward.

  • The next step

    Yselkla Farmer, director of policy and marketing at BEAMA, discusses how to galvanise investment and accelerate deployment of new technology in the UK energy infrastructure.