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WEEE: JTA submits 2015 Compliance Fee Proposal

The Joint Trade Associations (JTA) has announced that it has submitted a proposal to the Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) to operate a WEEE compliance fee mechanism for the 2015 compliance period.


The methodology proposed by the JTA last year was chosen by BIS for the 2014 compliance period.  It was successful in providing a professionally managed method for WEEE schemes to meet their collection targets.  It also resulted in at least £375K being made available for Local Authority WEEE projects.

The JTA represents nine major trade associations in the electrical sector.

Commenting on the announcement, chairman of the JTA and technical manager at the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances, Richard Hughes, said:  “The compliance fee is a vital element of the UK’s WEEE system.  It ensures that where a PCS has not fully met its target through collections during the compliance period, it has a legitimate alternative route to compliance.  This has helped to deliver an estimated £18m of savings from the UK WEEE System, supporting the Government’s agenda to cut business red tape.
“We are delighted to submit a Compliance Fee proposal for 2015.  The JTA has a successful track record of operating the Compliance Fee, and managing the fees received.  The new JTA proposal is largely based on the successful 2014 mechanism, but with a few further enhancements.  Our proposal includes a reliable, tried and tested methodology built by a leading economic consultancy.  It is also supported by further independent economic analysis to validate the approach.  Our submission incorporates an independent administrator which is a UK top 10 accountancy firm with extensive relevant experience of the UK WEEE market.  It provides the infrastructure, resources and processes to deliver the operational requirements for the 2015 Compliance Fee mechanism.”
The deadline to submit proposals to BIS closed on 30th September.  Following a public consultation process, BIS may approve a compliance fee methodology and a third party to oversee the administration of that fee.

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