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Saft to supply 6.6 MWh lithium-ion energy storage to Finnish wind farm, largest in Nordics

Saft has been awarded a contract to supply a 6.6 MWh lithium-ion energy storage system to a wind farm in northwestern Finland by TuuliWatti, a Finnish wind developer and operator. The system will be the largest of its kind in the Nordics. 

Using three Intensium Max 20 High Energy containers, Saft’s energy storage system will support frequency regulation at the 21 MW wind farm, while it will also optimise the wind power, provide a backup, as well a black start capabilities. 

The three units are rated at 2.2 MWh each and are designed and manufactured at Saft’s factory in Bordeaux, France. Once installed, they should be operational for 15 years, providing 5.6 MW of power for frequency regulation. 

Commenting on the contract, Tommi Riski, portfolio manager for power at TuuliWatti, said: “TuuliWatti’s goal is to be the leading wind power developer and producer in the Arctic region. Saft’s high-energy containers will help us achieve this at Viinamäki by improving the competitiveness of wind power. They provide a fast response in challenging environmental conditions, as well as the energy storage capacity to support grid stability, allowing us to adjust the output of our wind farm immediately.”

Hervé Amossé, executive vice president ESS division at Saft added: “This contract is an early commercial success for Saft’s latest lithium-ion energy storage system, launched in May 2019. The Intensium Max 20 HE container offers more than twice the energy storage capacity of previous Saft containers and provides best-in-class energy density, lifetime and assured performance. It builds on Saft’s track record of success with high-power energy storage systems.”


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