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Incentives offered for energy efficient LED lighting

Ecolighting UK is championing incentives to install energy-saving LED lighting.

EcolightingUK works with a central grant finding body, which researches county council grants available across the country for assisting SMEs with carbon reduction.

According to the company, grants vary depending on the authority, but these can be as high as 60%, and whilst often capped, this can be as much as £50,000. This grant coupled with enhanced capital allowance, where the project can be set against corporation tax of 19% in the first year, effectively means that companies can benefit from a 79% project discount.

Whatever the grants available on a project, companies can also see energy savings with LED lighting. By using LED lighting with the latest lighting management systems, it is now relatively easy to achieve 50% to 80% energy savings on most projects, with these energy savings paying for the systems and installation for a return on investment.

Ecolighting also works with some of Europe’s leading finance experts to deliver leasing packages on LED lighting installations. Steve Gardner, Ecolighting’s managing director commented, “This scheme has big benefits for UK commerce and industry. The concept is likely to appeal to all business directors and accountants as leasing aids cash flow, keeping costs off the balance sheet, and also takes advantage of tax benefits.”

The leasing scheme is aimed at all types of applications including factories, warehouses and exterior lighting, as well as offices, retail, hotels and education. Ecolighting already has a number of lighting projects underway using this scheme.

Financing arrangements are flexible with monthly lease payments adjusted to projected energy savings, making the project cash positive right from the start.

The way the scheme works is that once contacted, Ecolighting visits the company to conduct a survey of the existing lighting installation and energy consumption by a technical expert. This is then followed with the provision of a new lighting plan with a full financial calculation, together with energy saving and CO2 saving documentation. Once the project is agreed, it is entirely managed by Ecolighting from start to finish including installation, financing and a performance guarantee during the full contract period.

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