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Rexel’s apprenticeship scheme recognised in 2019 Roll of Honour list at UK Social Mobility Awards

Rexel’s apprenticeship scheme has been shortlisted for an award at the UK Social Mobility Awards, meaning it has found a spot on the coveted 2019 Roll of Honour list.

The UK Social Mobility Awards focus on the companies that make the advancement of social mobility a central part of how they run their organisation, recognising best practice and innovation by celebrating excellence in elevating social mobility as a cause equal to the level of other diversity issues.

To qualify for the Roll of Honour, Rexel entered the awards’ Progression category and successfully got shortlisted to the final 57 from the 115 submitting organisations.

Vicky Ordish, apprenticeship programme manager at Rexel, noted, “Rexel is always looking to support young apprentices and we firmly believe it’s important to show stronger commitment to this talent pool by offering the security of providing long-term career paths, progression opportunities, training and development.

“Rexel is committed to contributing to the localities in which our branches reside. Part of this commitment is to provide an apprenticeship programme which offers youngsters not in education, employment or training with support, and also offers a dedicated team focused on developing their skills and knowledge from which to launch their careers.”

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