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Ecolighting to supply LED lighting to 164,000 sqft warehouse, promises big energy and cost savings

Ecolighting UK has been awarded a contract to supply LED lighting to the 164,000 sqft Minworth Central warehouse in Minworth near Birmingham for Rico Logistics. The company will be installing several of its product ranges at the site, with the installation expected to reduce the power consumption and the energy costs associated with lighting the warehouse. 

The lighting package specified at the Minworth Central warehouse includes 16 240W 120 degree beam angle, 72 180W 30 degree beam angle, seven 160W 40 degree beam angle and six 180W 40 degree beam angle Pegasus LEDs and 37 Altos emergency lighting luminaires. According to the company, this was 50% fewer luminares compared to other quotes that competed for the job, while it was also 20% cheaper. 

Rico Logistics runs a lean business, offering same-day delivery, so speed and efficiency is in its DNA. That’s why when the company moved from a 26,000 sqft premises to the larger Minworth Central warehouse, the company wanted to bring that same mentality of efficiency. By choosing LEDs, Ecolighting has estimated that the company could be saving up to 80% of its energy usage. When coupled with the longer lifetime of LEDs, the climate change levy reductions, lower maintenance and carbon credits, this new installation could save Rico Logistics some £19,600. 

Keith Whitehead, head of Strategic development at Rico Group, commented, “The lighting has PIR sensors and further intelligence to check if the lighting level is sufficient and therefore won’t activate the lamps even though the PIR is triggered. The lamps automatically adjust every 10,000 hours (depending on use) and increase output to adapt to the degradation in the lamp over its lifetime. An additional benefit is that the system comes with a 10-year warranty, which is double that of all other suppliers.”  

“We look forward to seeing how the lighting looks when all the racking is in place so we can really judge its effectiveness. We also have a guarantee from Ecolighting that if the necessary lux levels aren’t met once the warehouse is filled they will make adjustments free of charge, which is another benefit.”


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