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The industry needs to drive up product certification standards
The industry needs to drive up standards when it comes to product certification, due to a worrying rise in the number of untested products.
Metrel highlights free software updates for its tester line-up
Metrel’s Brendan Beaver explains why Metrel doesn’t charge for software updates for its line-up of testers.
How to improve safety by using thermal imaging
The experts at FLIR explain how matching thermal imaging-enabled devices with the appropriate CAT rating could vastly improve safety.
Industrial enterprises need highly flexible protective testing solutions
Here, OMICRON explores the benefits of flexible protection testing solutions within the industrial enterprise.
Earth resistance testing: Why and how?
Effective earthing is essential for the safe operation of every electrical system and to ensure earthing is effective, testing is essential.
Time running out for landlords to get an EICR before April deadline
Landlords have until June 1 to get an electrical inspection condition report for their rented property, or they could face a £30,000 fine.
Assessing the risk of failure in rotating machines
Omicron highlights the importance of assessing risk of failure in rotating machines, especially due to their highly important status.
Megger debuts new TPT420 two-pole voltage tester
Megger has announced the new TPT420 two-pole voltage tester, which it says offers outstanding value for money.
Metrel promises enhanced performance, ease of use with its testers
As electric vehicles become more popular, so too has the market for an EVSE tester, but Metrel still believes it offers the best on the market
Megger acquires Vespula, a maker of cloud-based electrical certification software
Megger has announced the acquisition of Vespula Ltd, a company that specialises in electrical certification in the UK.