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Megger’s Fault Sniffer 2 promises to make it easier to locate faults
The new Fault Sniffer 2 from Megger provides a simple yet effective way of locating faults on underground low voltage cable networks.
Easy on-line partial discharge measurement, analysis and temporary monitoring
OMICRON describes how its Montesto 200 can ensure accurate and simple on-line partial discharge measurement. 
Megger makes circuit breaker analysis fast and easy
The new EGIL 200 from Megger delivers dependable circuit break analysis results with a minimum of user intervention.
Megger debuts pen-style VF5 and VF6 non-contact voltage detectors
Megger has announced two new additions to its non-contact voltage detector range, the VF5 and VF6. 
Omicron MPD suite software version 1.20 adds more partial discharge testing features
Omicron’s MPD Suite software has been recently updated from Version 1.10 to Version 1.20, bringing a whole host of new features.
Why certification testing is key to deploying a successful Ethernet network
When it comes to deploying Ethernet network infrastructure to support data transmission, certification testing is key.
Are you using the right micro-ohmmeter?
Choosing the right micro-ohmmeter is critical for ensuring the continued safe operation of circuit breakers, but which is the right one?
Fluke debuts world’s first clamp meters for solar testing up to 1500V
Fluke has unveiled two world-first products, with the company debuting new clamp meters designed for use with solar installations up to 1500V. 
Megger launches STX40, a versatile and readily portable cable fault locator
The new STX40 from Megger is an ideal solution for those looking for a versatile and readily portable cable fault locator.
Omicron announces new features as part of Test Universe 4.30 update
Omicron has announced the latest update to Test Universe, with version 4.30 bringing a whole host of new features to help users.