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What Covid-19 could mean for distribution system operators in the long-term
Anja Langer Jacquin, CCO at DEPsys, examines what Covid-19 could mean for distribution system operators in the long-term.
How to work safer on medium voltage systems
What can you do to protect yourself against hidden hazards that are not readily apparent while working on medium voltage systems?
EDF’s plans for Sizewell C nuclear plant got off to an embarrassing start
EDF plans to build a new reactor at Sizewell, dubbed Sizewell C, but it’s not doing itself any favours with a botched launch.
Electricity North West welcomes increased number of apprentices for 2020
Electricity North West has brought on 19 new apprentices for a three-year training course, up two from its 2019 intake.
Great Britain on track to be net exporter of power by 2040s
Great Britain could be on track to becoming a net exporter of power by the 2040s, according to new modelling by Cornwall Insight.
Why energy storage is necessary for the UK to achieve net zero by 2050
If the UK hopes to achieve its net zero goal by 2050, it will need behind-the-meter assets like energy storage to help balance the grid.
Schneider Electric launches APC Easy Rack power distribution units
Schneider Electric has launched a new family of APC Easy Rack power distribution units that promise to offer ease of use and install.
How can low carbon microgrids help manufacturers?
Low-carbon microgrids can help firms meet their energy demands without depending solely on the national grid.
Vehicle to grid technology has been overhyped, claims Tesla’s Elon Musk
Tesla will not be prioritising vehicle to grid, with the company’s CEO Elon Musk revealing that he believes the technology to be overhyped.
US energy firm in hot water after bribery scandal hits Ohio House of Representatives
Throwing money at a political candidate can get companies everything they’ve possibly wanted, but what happens when it all comes out in the end?In this week’s Gossage, Electrical Review explores an ongoing…