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Fault at power station knocks out Pakistan’s entire electricity network
Pakistan was plunged into darkness as the country’s entire electricity network went offline due to a fault at a power station.
Stoke Newington gets £3.5 million boost to ensure electrical network reliability
The electrical network in Stoke Newington, which serves more than 50,000 homes and businesses, has been upgraded by UK Power Networks.
How to get the grid ready for the electric vehicle onslaught
Electric vehicles are going to increase demand on the grid, so the need for effective distributed asset management will also increase.
Britishvolt ditches Wales and opts to build UK’s first Gigafactory in Northumberland
Britishvolt has dropped plans to construct the UK’s first Gigafactory in Wales, and has instead selected a site in Blyth, Northumberland.
Are ‘small’ nuclear reactors the holy grail that we were promised?
In this week’s gossage, we explore the much-hyped ‘small’ nuclear reactors and why this technology has yet to actually deliver on its promise.
Beckhoff introduces industrial power supply range
Beckhoff has announced a new range of 24V DC power supplies that have been specifically designed for demanding industrial applications.
Britishvolt opts for West Midlands headquarters, despite Welsh gigafactory
Britishvolt has announced that it will set up its headquarters in the West Midlands, despite choosing Wales for its first Gigafactory.
What engineering considerations are there when upgrading hospital backup generators?
Bradley Morrissey, bid manager at Finning UK & Ireland, explains the engineering considerations when upgrading hospital backup generators.
Covid-19 may not be the only reason electricity sales are falling in 2020
In this week’s Gossage we look at falling electricity sales in 2020, and explore whether Covid-19 is the only thing to blame.
Second UK Tesla Megapack installation announced for West Sussex
Following the successful deployment of the UK’s first Tesla Megapack installation, a second installation has been announced for West Sussex.