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Zenobe Energy set to build Europe’s largest battery in Chester, UK
Zenobe Energy has announced plans for Europe’s largest grid-connected battery energy storage in Capenhurst, Chester.
Eaton to leverage Green Motion acquisition to launch Buildings as a Grid strategy
Eaton wants to turn buildings into energy hubs as it launches a new strategy focusing on Buildings as a Grid, leveraging its recent acquisition of Green Motion SA.
Europe set to deploy 3,000 MWh of energy storage in 2021
Europe is expected to reach 3,000 MWh of installed energy storage capacity by the end of 2021, according to a new report.
Why smart meters are finally ready to realise their promise
Pilgrim Beart, cofounder and CEO of DevicePilot, discusses how smart meters are finally beginning to show promise.
What Covid-19 has taught us about running the electrical distribution grid
What lessons have we learned from the Covid-19 pandemic when it comes to running an electrical distribution grid?
Electricity prices in the UK are already rising due to Brexit
Brexit may be having an impact on the UK’s electricity market, as prices have soared at the beginning of March compared to previous years.
Life saving tips you should know when working with Lithium-ion batteries
Life saving tips on battery safety, maintenance and management that we should all be aware of when working with Lithium-ion batteries.
Mersen acquires Hager Group’s stake in Fusetech
Mersen has announced that it has acquired the final 50% of Fusetech from its joint venture partner Hager Group.
Trina Solar enters energy storage market with new Trina Storage brand
Trina Solar has announced that it is entering the energy storage market with the launch of the Trina Storage brand.
How the UK’s exit from the EU will impact our control over the electricity market
Electricity continues to flow across inter-connectors on both sides of the English Channel, but how has Brexit impacted that?