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SEGRO Park Rainham gains High Voltage connection
SEGRO Park, a business and industrial centre located just outside London in Rainham, Essex, has been connected to the High Voltage network.
Why flexibility is key to the future of the UK’s electrical grid
Sotiris Georgiopoulos, head of smart grid at UK Power Networks, details game-changing developments in the electrical distribution industry.
Dungeness B nuclear power station to be defuelled ahead of schedule
EDF has made the decision to move Dungeness B nuclear power station into the defuelling stage, despite extensive maintenance work.
Why energy storage is key to the roll-out of rapid EV chargers
Energy storage can help with the roll-out of rapid EV chargers by ensuring there’s no extra strain on the grid.
How phasing out coal in Germany will strain the country’s electricity grid
In Germany, ditching coal-fired power stations turns out to be easier said than done, according to new research from EnAppSys.
UK Power Networks named sixth best large company to work for in the UK
UK Power Networks has been named the sixth best large company to work for in the UK, and the second best utility firm.
Knightsbridge launches new SmartKnight socket, LED downlights
Knightsbridge is launching a range of intelligent wiring accessories and lighting products that can be controlled by its SmartKnight app.
OMICRON Webinar: How to ensure a substation is cybersecure
OMICRON has announced an online conference which will focus on cybersecurity for critical infrastructure and how to secure a substation.
Why a flexible energy system is key to a net zero future
The Carbon Trust says a flexible energy system could cut the cost of reaching net zero by up to £16.7 billion a year in 2050.
Scolmore launches transparent covers for Aquip66 range
Scolmore continues to expand its range of Aquip66 weatherproof socket and switch enclosures, with transparent covers now in the range.