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Rolls-Royce begins search for new nuclear reactor factory
Rolls-Royce has begun its search for a location to build its new nuclear reactor factory, with those with suitable sites invited to bid. 
UK Power Networks protects vital equipment with multilingual signage
UK Power Networks has started rolling out safety signage in multiple languages to ensure vital equipment remains protected.
Best practices for working safely with medium voltage switchgear
When you work on medium voltage switchgear, your first and overriding priority will always be to maximise safety. Megger offers its advice.
Cornwall Insight calls for industry reform to fix energy crisis
Cornwall Insight has criticised policy makers for concentrating on quick fixes to the energy crisis, arguing that industry reform is needed.
UK’s second Gigafactory gains approval from West Midlands authorities
The UK is set to move forward with its second Gigafactory, with a battery manufacturing facility at Coventry Airport. 
The challenges of developing a more dynamic grid
Rachel Eyres from Expleo UK explains the challenges that will need to be overcome in developing a more dynamic grid. 
Gas, nuclear energy set to be labelled ‘green’ under European Union proposals
The European Union is set to label both gas and nuclear energy as ‘green’ energy sources, despite a furious response from several countries.
UK Power Networks leverages new all-terrain vehicles to restore power following Storm Arwen
UK Power Networks has leveraged its new all-terrain vehicles to help reconnect cut off communities in the snowy north following Storm Arwen.  Storm Arwen caused power outages for thousands of homes across Scotland…
Shutdown nuclear reactors lead to the return of coal power in the UK
Coal power plants were brought back online in the UK, largely thanks to the inoperation of several nuclear reactors.
UK Power Networks unveils finalised £4.6 billion business plan for net zero
UK Power Networks is set to accelerate towards net zero as part of its next business plan, which it has now submitted to Ofgem.