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Wieland’s new podis power bus system – for the simple distribution of power
The new podis power bus system from Wieland Electric helps to implement the distribution of power quickly and easily.
Construction begins on world’s largest Tesla Megapack energy storage installation
Tesla Megapack devices are set to be installed en-masse in California, in what is the largest deployment of Tesla’s energy storage solution.
UK’s first gigafactory to be built in Wales after Britishvolt formally selects site
Britishvolt has formally selected a site in Wales to house the UK’s first gigafactory, after the company ruled out 41 other locations.
Energy storage gets a boost as UK Government relaxes planning rules
The UK Government has announced a relaxation to the planning rules associated with installing energy storage systems
Tesla Megapack energy storage solution to be deployed in the UK for the first time
The UK is getting its first installation of the grid-scale Tesla Megapack energy storage solution, which will help decarbonise the UK’s grid.
Eaton targets those with limited space with xStorage Compact energy storage solution
Eaton has announced the xStorage Compact, a multi-usage energy storage system that’s suitable for any building thanks to its small size.
Britishvolt selects South Wales as preferred site for UK’s first battery gigafactory
Britishvolt, a UK-based battery manufacturer, has narrowed its search for where to build the UK’s first gigafactory down to two locations, with a town in Wales being the leading contender. 
What should happen to EV batteries reaching the end-of-life: recycle or second-life?
There could be a huge spike in retired lithium-ion batteries by 2040, according to the latest IDTechEx report. But the jury is still very much out on what we should do with those…
Electricity North West calls on MPs to back Local Electricity Bill
Electricity North West, the DNO for much of the North West of England, is calling on MPs in the region to back the Local Electricity Bill, which the firm notes will transform the…
How to get households involved in grid balancing
The energy industry has already been looking at how households will be supported in their participation in demand-side services. This area has traditionally been the domain of large commercial customers, but the current situation…