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Category: Opinion

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The future’s uncertain

The on and offshore wind sectors took a battering last week, emphasising the uncertainty of their future. Business secretary Vince Cable visited industrial sites in the north-east. During the trip, senior staff from Offshore Group Newcastle showed Cable the site where it

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Gossage gossip

Rising costs Just for the record, here is the evidence once decisions are taken to commission a new nuclear plant, mysteriously the costs escalate exponentially. In France, the first new nuclear station to be built for many years is at Flamanville. When

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If ever there was a case for Part P

Part P might raise the heckles of some, but our grumpy old man has been contacted by one responsible contractor who raises the strongest possible argument not only for the Regulation, but also for increased vigilance in the trade

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Pulling out of fuel poverty

The Energy Bill Revolution campaign this week received backing from energy experts from the University of Exeter, SSE, Consumers Focus and WWF. The Energy Bill Revolution is a movement of people committed to ensuring warm homes and lower bills for all, an

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System efficiency, not product efficiency

Gambica will this November deliver a white paper based on the comparison between investing money in efficient systems to reap financial gain and saving capital by not investing but accepting higher energy bills. Gambica is the national organisation representing the interests of

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Pathway to success

Coinciding with the Global Offshore Wind 2012 conference Electrical Review visited yesterday in London, two reports – released by the Crown Estates and government-set-up Offshore Wind Cost Reduction Task Force – suggested the costs of offshore wind farms could be cut by

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Getting it right – business opinion

Phil Turtle of Turtle Consulting looks at the science of successful brochure and website writing How often have you read a potential supplier’s sales brochure or website and thought “Oh that was interesting (not)” or it’s made you yawn because its so

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In agreement on energy

The Independent today reported on a new energy partnership between the UK and Norway which it says will help create more than 1600 jobs and could “secure affordable power supplies for decades”. David Cameron and Norwegian PM, Jens Stoltenberg, announced the partnership

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Is your marketing plugged in?

Twenty-five years ago marketing in the power industry was often so much simpler, clients ran an advert and perhaps did an occasional press release concerning a new product, and then waited for the telephone to ring. A few free mugs or some

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Testbed for sustainable development

The Guardian today features an article claiming “Wales is fast becoming Europe’s testbed for sustainable development and what the UN would call the green economy.” The article highlights the Welsh location of three of Europe’s pioneering solar cell makers in Sharps, G24

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