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Category: Features


Arc Flash: Are you at risk?

Hamilton Smith, technical sales manager at specialists in Arc Flash protective wear, ProGARM, shines a spotlight on the life changing risks an Arc Flash incident can create. Here he highlights nine shocking (but lesser known) Arc Flash facts. But first, what exactly


Have we got the skills?

The Government’s commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 depends on a range of technologies, including carbon capture and hydrogen, to decarbonise our industrial and energy sectors. But does the UK workforce really have the skills needed to undertake such a massive


Powering autonomy 

If autonomous vehicles are to make it onto our driveways, braking systems will be crucial to minimising accidents. Mark Templeman, technical sales engineer at power resistor manufacturer Cressall, explains why vehicle designers must make energy-efficient braking a top priority.


Atomic slackers

How many people are currently working in the UK in the nuclear industry? Being a simple chap, I had thought that such a number would be easily established, at least within a few hundred or so. But not so.


When two become one

Alex Emms, operations director at Kohler Uninterruptible Power, looks at how a UPS and generator can complement one another to form a complete standby power solution.


Striking the right balance

Selling surplus energy to a transmission system operator (TSO) is an important source of income for many operators of renewable energy systems. However, as Paul McClean of embedded monitoring system specialist eMS explains, this income can be usefully augmented – provided monitoring


Not for girls?

Elina Siokou, head of product integration at P2i, tells us her story and explains why jobs in typically male dominated environments aren’t all about manual labour.


It’s deja vu all over again

There was much rejoicing at the Carbon Capture & Storage Association at the announcement in the latest Budget that the Government would be making £800 million available over the next five years.

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